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Covered in grey mountains and dangerously cold waters, Anax spews noxious gases into the atmosphere that erupt from deep in its oceans. The local plant life takes the shape of small cute animated flowers that burst pollen into the air with a bioluminescence hue.

Every eleven years, billions of winged creatures hatch all at once and begin to swarm. Like small vampiric demons, the horde devours everything in its path leaving a bloodbath of neon tourture in its wake. The rare event is such a phosphorus illumination that it brings light to Oxen for 60 consecutive days. The grey mountains of Anax tell a tale of death and rebirth and do so rendering something quite precious. After the two months of bloodshed the dead plant life acts as a catalyst for a chemical combination that solidifies into an ultra rare mineral known as Belmoon Stone. The curious and peculiar mineral can only be harvested in a thirty day window every eleven years.

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