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These asteroids are part of a larger asteroid belt that is located between Bentex and Cane. This large asteroid belt is found on the outer part of the Vela Sirius system. It contains a great many solid, irregularly shaped bodies, of many sizes but much smaller than planets.  About half its mass is contained in the five largest asteroids. The asteroid belt formed from the colliding moon and a super planet, which now have been fused together by their mutual gravitation. The remains of this collision lie on the far side of the Vela Sirius system from the Sun, and are probably still smoldering and slowly contracting.  These bodies are composed of highly porous material which would be unstable on the surface, and the greater part of the asteroids are probably enveloped in a thin atmosphere of hydrogen and helium. The large asteroids have generally been destroyed by collisions with smaller bodies. Of the five largest asteroids in the belt, three have been destroyed by collisions and two of these have been partially destroyed by other impacts. THXS381 is the largest asteroid and is close to the size of a small planet.


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