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Frequently asked Questions

How are coins issued? Bought?

100 million tokens were created. This is a fixed supply. The coins are broken down into different allocations. See Polydueces Tokens

Who holds the supply? The seeds?

The project holds the supply, the main address can be seen here. Every transaction is fully transparent. Every bounty/reward is paid out accordingly.

The seed cards are minted once, no additional prints will ever be made. Our NFTS are minted on the Stellar network. NO OTHER NETWORKS will have the original seed cards minted as NFT’s.

Will the supply ever run out? And what about transfer fees?

The supply is fixed. No new coins will EVER be issued. Gas or transfer fees are based on the stellar network. These fees are fractions of a penny. Compared to the insanely high fees of ETH or other networks. The supply is fixed, no additional tokens will be minted.

Could each seed have its own faucet in the future?

Yes the seed creation will be always evolving and growing. There are a unlimited amount of possibilities with each seed card and subseed card.

How do I purchase PYLD or the NFT’s?

You can purchase PYLD on the following exchanges :

You can purchase the NFT’s here

Got lobster wallet, how do you see the plyd price?

The best way to see the current price is to check on Stellarterm. Click here

Is there a link to see the order book?

You can see the order book on any DEX exchange, or on Stellarterm

My first impression is this is a meme coin or scam, is it?

Polydueces is far from a scam coin, or meme. Polydueces will live forever. Hosting fees and domains have been paid indefinitely.  As the community grows so does the content and the value of the ecosystem.

I still don't quite get how the nft's work

with the plyd coin.

This is a entirely a new concept. We are the first ones to offer seed creation and subseed creation. Please visit our Getting Started section to learn more about this concept.

I assume all nft will have a PLYD amount tied to it somehow?

Yes PLYD will play countless different roles in the future ecosystem of Polydueces. As of now, PLYD can be swapped into XLM to purchase the NFT’s. In the future PYLD will be used to buy Galaxy items, planets, ships, stories, and anything else that has value.

The creator,  what's his story? Dream?

See the creators vision here.

This sounds fun, how can I help?

The entire project is based on people wanting to help create new content for the ever growing galaxy. The project isn't limited to a set variable. Most projects are controlled by corporations or companies. Polydueces has an infinite amount of possibility and can never sieze to exist. As long as there is content, Polydueces will grow.

What are the possibilities with the NFT's?

The possibilities are endless. Everything starts with a seed, and what the community decides to build will grow that seed indefinitely. For example, a seed card like Fremon can have unlimited amounts of story lines. You can then choose which story line you would like to make content on. Each sub seeding out indefinitely based on the communities choice to build content. One user might like one storyline and wants to create content based on that storyline, a subseed is created and another user can then create new content under that subseed.