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Fremon is a sandy like desert, lit up by a harsh fiery giant. Fremon is the closest planet to the sun. Its proximity to the sun gives little to no chance of life .

The landscape is made up of sharp stones and rocks. The planet is inhabitable. There are no oceans or life on fremon. The surface is hot and sandy.  Up close, Fremon can be seen to be an active world. With constant volcanos and smoldering clouds which can be seen in the atmosphere. Some of the sand hills on Fremon can actually be seen reaching an altitude over 1 km high.  The surface consists of chunks of lava and rock, and is a deadly environment .

The air is so dry and hot that it is actively remelting some of its ongoing creations. This usually involves large chunks of rocks floating and rotating as they burn up in thin air. The gases that explode on the lava that come through Fremon's cracks are far beyond our capacity to even grasp. When this happens, they actually cause themselves to burst into flames, creating a spectacular display .

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This planets rarity is GREEN and its total prints are 75/75

Fremon Falls outside the habitable zone.

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