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Dense jungles of vertical green sheets of plant matter cover Himpro. Towering columns of hexagonal red stone.

Himpro has a slow orbit around Velas Sirius. Although the planet is perfectly round with no equatorial bulge, the equatorial region has almost no jungle growth. This is due to the local fauna which is best described as flying dolphin bears, or the Quekee. The size of Himpro is massive and it is teeming with a special type of plants that are very much alive. Himpro has a much different zone of life in then its neighbor Trego.  The slanted dead spot on himpro is do to immense gamma rays that hits the planet. Because of this, the death zones on Himpro are much more spread out and in low altitudes. So the flora that grow on Himpro are not expected to be as fruitful as on Trego.

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