How it works

Polydueces is all about community building…

The universe is yours for the taking ! You can now earn rewards and bounties by contributing to the galaxy. Each planet, moon and system has there own set of unique bounties.

The planet and moon cards act as Seed Cards. These seed cards have certain bounties that unlock rewards. For instances Fremon has a bounty for its storyline. Users can submit there own version of what they see fit. Example - This is a welcoming word with temperate and inhospitable lands alike. Similar to a world many of us grew up on. Once you submit the story line we will announce the winner in our Discord channel.  Each reward is verified through the blockchain and paid out accordingly. Transparency is the KEY!

As each planet progresses new bounties and rewards will be announced. Eventually each planet becomes rich in details and complete worlds are created by the community. Polydueces focuses on creativity and imagination. NO CODING or special skills are required to be involved.

Imagine entering a 3d world that was hand created by the community. The beauty is that no two cards are the same, each has there own starting point, but how the world transforms is up to you. We have created the building blocks of a new and exciting world that actually gives REAL value to NFT’s.

Most NFT’s are pointless and have no meaning or value. But with Polydueces each seed card becomes more valuable as more user content is developed. Some planets and moons will have little value, but as the system progresses, new minerals and discoveries could be made to bring more value to the card.

Each card has a color and each color determines its scarcity. Collecting a certain amount of cards will Mint you special cards. See more about NFTS.

Supported payment types. Adding new coins weekly

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