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How to buy Polydueces Token. (PLYD)

There are several ways to purchase the Polydueces Token.

StellarTerm is an open source client for the Stellar network.

Send, receive, and trade assets on the Stellar network.

Buy PLYD on StellarTerm  here.

Stellarport is your portal to all assets on the Stellar network.

The platform combines an easy-to-use noncustodial wallet

and a powerful #SDEX trading.

Buy PLYD on Stellarport here.

LOBSTR is a leading platform for managing Stellar Lumens

and other assets issued on Stellar network. LOBSTR has

A built in trading SDEX and is one of our recommended wallets.

Download Lobstr today and add our asset.

Scopuly allows you to: store, receive / send, decentrally trade

crypto assets, issue tokens, buy crypto for fiat and analyze

data from the Stellar. Buy PLYD on Scopuly here.

Other ways to get PLYD

1. Complete bounties

See current Open Bounties

2. Claim Rewards

Check our discord channel for Rewards