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This album is a funky/Spacey soundtrack to some of the events and places inside the Polydueces Vela Sirius system.

Streaming views from these releases will create royalty incomes which will be displayed here and injected back into the project.

Upcoming Album : Releasing 1st Quarter 2022

The Seeds of the Stars


Released Album : 1st Quarter 2022

The Birth of Vela Sirius


Music is an important part of the entertainment experience and can add new dimensions to our project. Imagine flying through the endless deep space and listening to “The Quintessence of Space” or maybe a “Tangled Orbit” fighting between two moons on one of the planets. Or how about what the Fremon Fall event would be like standing on the planet of Fremon. Our music helps to connect to these experiences .

We also create casual electronic music to help pass time, or come up with some of your own creative ideas and stories. The music at Polydueces is endless .. Our goal is to create thousands of unique songs titles and covers to keep you lost in an a imaginable trance

Single : Released 2st Quarter 2022

The Lost Star