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5/8/2022 3.0.2 - Make way for content..

 More updates today, content creation is back on track.

Be sure you have your lobstr wallets up and ready, we are approaching the 100 twitter followers. 35 new followers today !! If you dont have a lobstr wallet. You better get one, PLYD coins will be flying with all the new content and development. This new approach is a bulletproof method on building the project.

Here is the coin info . Polydueces.com/plydtoken.html

Be sure to check the bounties. LOTS more will be coming out soon polydueces.com/bounties.html

New content Released !! Check them out!!

**Joth                  https://polydueces.com/jothontent.html

**Orra                  https://polydueces.com/orracontent.html

**Xando                https://polydueces.com/xandocontent.html

**Bentex               https://polydueces.com/bentexcontent.html

** Also as mentioned in the 3.0 Fork. Our other divisions are in full force, we are creating all types of content, not just Vela Sirius content. More to come on that soon

** fixed some minor issues with website links.

** fixed a few performance issues

** Possible new partnership / DEX listing in the works - stay tuned !

5/7/2022 - 3.0.1 -  We Build what we Think - Orison

Get ready for the content to start flowing. Our Ai.division is operational and we now have commenced on the long and beautiful journey of creating endless content.

Two new fully released singles on the Upcoming album .

Check them out ! They keep getting better.  New music released every week for the next year!!

*** The Lost Star ***


Twisted comet


Metaverse Getaway


5/4/2022 - Release 3.0 - “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” - Emerson

3.0 – Marks a major fork in the project.  A new goal, a new reach . Polydueces has evolved over the last year. We began as a community project with a goal of creating content through community involvement and we learned that it is much much harder to do then we originally thought.

We’ve looked at other projects that have come and gone. NFT’s that are pointless and the huge hype that surrounds them. We wanted to create a project that lasted forever and never seized to stop growing .  Something that was much bigger then a coin pump and dump.. Something that continued to grow all the time… non stop… 24/7  We are introducing new divisions within Polydueces that will help us grow into a vision we see as the “future”..

AI.polydueces.com - is a new partnership with an Artificial Intelligence company. This new partnership will help us create massive massive amounts of data, content and ideas . AI.polydueces.com

Music.polydueces.com - is the music department where we have created 100’s tracks signed and waiting to be released . Our goal is to create thousands of unique tracks and songs, some related to Vela Sirius and some related to the future content of Polydueces . Music.polydueces.com

NFT.Polydueces.com - We will continue to build and add new exciting concepts and ideas to our existing NFT collection. NFT.Polydueces.com

Content.polydueces.com - This entity will act as a massive search directory and storage engine for our never ending production of content. RIGHT NOW countless new ideas and concepts are being built and stored within this division. Content.polydueces.com

Velasirius.polydueces.com - We will continue its mission, and with the help from our AI division we will be able to spur the development faster and with much more depth and vision. In the very near future, ideas, programs, worlds will be built with a click of a button. What those worlds will be missing, is imagination and creativity, that is where Polydueces will shine, we will have massive directories of content, ideas and models to put fourth some of these seeds we have been planting.  

Instead of creating one massive 3d world that we could spend months, years designing and working on we were creating content and ideas that will build a thousand worlds.

We’ve secured the funding to host Polydueces for decades to come. We are rebuilding our team from the bottom up. People that understand the mission and purpose of such a project. Additional funding has been secured to help develop some of these concepts and ideas.

Our community can still help and be involved in the project. If your interested in investing look at our PLYD token. If you are interested in helping or being part of the team. Contact us on Discord.

Page: Social Media

Our token will build value as we continue to build content and store massive amounts of data that will eventually be used to build components for the upcoming metaverse.

** Roadmap Updated

** Creation of division

** AI tools released

** Content database started

** New content deployed

1/17/2022 - Release 2.5 Planetary Upgrades -

** Improved 3d models with noise mapping / atmospheric / weather systems.

** This paves the way for interactive mapping systems.  All export options available for community development or improvement. Unity, Blender and Unreal5 will be the main export options.

**Planets will be updated via additional content pages

** First planet Fremon 3d rendered

** Webpage Terms and conditions updated

** Additional content updated for

**Fraco                 https://polydueces.com/fracocontent.html

1/13/2022 - Release 2.4  Clarity Update & Spatial begins

Where are we heading? A lot has happened in the last couple of months, not only in the real world but also as a project.. Sometimes it's good to clarify some thoughts and direction. This update brings more content, more mints, a new direction, and a few new ideas.

A wise toad once told me, “Ideas are only ideas until they are acted upon. Otherwise its just another thought.”

 Some are new to the journey of Polydueces, others have been here from the start.  

But with this update, we finally have a virtual space where we can meet, collaborate and start to become part of a creative force.

I am happy to introduce the next edition of the project.  The Spatial 3d Update.  Right now in the background of these updates, minting process, marketing, updating, social media, music production, content creation, illustration's and PR I am also creating the first virtual worlds for our project. Its a ton of work.. Countless hours of putting my focus and energy into it, but thats because I see the potential and the rewards for all the seeds planted.

We are a couple of weeks away from starting live podcasts, and some youtube post.

If any of you would like to help with the project, please please reach out to me via Discord. There is a pile to do and any contributions would greatly expedite some of these releases.

With that being said, stay tuned, more clarity and direction is coming soon. Until then, enjoy these updates.

**Polydueces latest Reflection - Music is a key in creating a memorable experience . As I’ve been building content and illustrations to these worlds, I have also been composing music for certain parts of Polydueces. The Faith of Kane  Represents a king of planets that had lost its way.

Tangled orbitz give you the feel of two moons bouncing around fighting for its path (Ethel & Shir) And so many more that I cant wait to share . With that being said. The first album has been released .

Polydueces - The Birth of Vela Sirius - See more here

Now streaming on Apple Music/Itunes/Spotify/Youtube/Amazon/Deezer/Pandroa/Google Music

ANY time you stream the music it contributes to royalties for the project. I am taking a portion of what is made from that revenue and dumping it back into the project. Ill be giving transparent updates on the Music page.

** Spatial page Created - Click here - Coming soon

More Content

**Wito                  https://polydueces.com/witocontent.html

**Orvim                 https://polydueces.com/orvimcontent.html

**Zulm                  https://polydueces.com/zulmcontent.htm

More Mints

First TRIO - set  

Yorao and its Moons Norako and Cephor

Listed on ebay here

1/11/2022- Release 2.3 - Fire is rolln

More content.. More updates. More mints..

**Zuli                   https://polydueces.com/zulicontent.html


**Lova                https://polydueces.com/lovacontent.html

**Xime               https://polydueces.com/ximecontent.html

**Grolie            https://polydueces.com/groliecontent.html

**Additional updates – Submitted sitemap to google for searchengine SEO .(Was waiting to finish sub content pages. ALL pages have been completed and we are ready for final process for search engines)

**Started additional page for featured supported payment options.


Additional Cards minted and put on the market.

First purple card minted - Tevive only 25 copies

Grolie - Minted and listed

Norm - Minted and listed

1/8/2022 - Release 2.2 - Keep this voyage on repeat.

Additional content keeps on rolling towards the stars. Some more updates. The first set of cards has been listed on EBAY and Openseas. Also check out the new music albums coming out for Polydueces. Click here

Click here to view on EBAY

Asteriod Pack - https://www.ebay.com/itm/265493341716

Himpro- https://www.ebay.com/itm/265493279256

Trogo - https://www.ebay.com/itm/265493276815

Fremon - https://www.ebay.com/itm/265493274161

Jotogov - https://www.ebay.com/itm/265493273710

Norako - https://www.ebay.com/itm/265493271798

Yorao - https://www.ebay.com/itm/265492793263


Click here to view on openseas

Heres a list of more updates and content releases.

** Asteroid pack - This is a great deal to buy the complete asteroid starter pack, includes all 5 asteroid cards . WHILE SUPPLIES LAST < – 5 pack can be purchased on ebay here

** Get a taste of the new Albums coming out for Polydueces  - Read more about the music voyage here

** New content released below

**Trogo                   https://polydueces.com/trogocontent.html


Updated some web changes. Rolled out some updates to twitter.

** Still in progress of subseed web design.

** Updated the NFT page

** created new channels in discord - #NFTSUPPORT and #NFTSEEDCARDS #NFTGIVEAWAY

** Will be doing NFT airdrops once a month on a select few NFTS. ← more to com on this

1/7/2022 - Release 2.1 - NFT’s and subseeds are born.

After several months of waiting for litemint to come out with NFT royalties, I have decided to go a different route with the NFT minting process. I have been cranking out way to much content to just let sit idle. There is a price to waiting…. Today I started minting the first sets of NFT’s on OpenSea using the Polygon Network. The concept is coming to fruition . The subseeds can now start being minted underneath the seed cards. For an example. FREMON is now minted and the content that is under Fremon can be minted as part of subseeds. As mentioned the more catchy good content developed under Fremon the more that planet card will increase in value .

The reflection for the royalties will still stay in effect for purchasing PLYD tokens from a portion of the NFT sells.

The openseas collection can be found here


** The subseeds have also been printed with a rare about of prints.

** Bounties are still open for ALL CONTENT . See bounties here

** The first community subseed has been created for Fremon. Shout out to $tyx for coming up with some great new content for fremon. ← This content will be added shortly. I am working on creating the subseed sections underneath each planet/moon for community development.

** Additional content is still being cranked out for the rest of the planets/moons. As the content is created I will be updating in on the website and adding it to the collection under openseas.

**Ebay sales will commence soon / additional markets will also open up for the NFT’s. This should bring more awareness for the project and concept.

** Additional audio content is close to being done for Vela Sirius. Two full albums are close to being published and finished. Stay tuned for more details

1/3/2022 - Release 2.0 - Content is the seed - Finding the right tools. This update follows the 1.6 update. Ill be covering a number of things on this update. I encourage everyone to visit the discord for further discussion and updates .

“Creating the right tools is the most critical step of producing viable content.”

** Project development update - This last quarter has taught me a lot about developing content and finding different ways to move the project forward.

Additional things I will be working on in the first quarter of 2022

** Knowledge base Bot for the Polydueces project.

** Additional web changes and updates.

** Increasing social Media presence.

** Pushing NFT awareness campaign.

** Finding Additional community members.

** Updating Roadmap.

** Minting NFTS – see discord channel on this for further discussion.

** Minting the FIRST SUBSEEDS .

** Creating additional use cases for the PLYD token .

** Starting a weekly PODCAST on youtube and other social media channels to go over the new content that is being developed.

** Releasing Content updates weekly to bi-weekly.

Update 2.0 Is all bout Content. New content - New ideas - New steps for 2022.  

Before we can build worlds we need skeletons.

Here are a few of the sub-seeds that Ive been working on.

Vela Sirius            https://polydueces.com/velasirus.html

Himpro                 https://polydueces.com/himprocontent.html

Fremon                 https://polydueces.com/fremoncontent.html

Yorao                   https://polydueces.com/yoraocontent.html

Norako                 https://polydueces.com/norakocontent.html

Cephor                 https://polydueces.com/cephorcontent.html

Shir                      https://polydueces.com/shircontent.html

Noto                     https://polydueces.com/notocontent.html

Jotogov                https://polydueces.com/jotogovcontent.html

Omin                    https://polydueces.com/omincontent.html

Melie                   https://polydueces.com/melie.html

1/1/2022 - Release 1.6 - Happy holidays my fellow Polyduecians !

This is a much needed update. Anyone who says what Polydueces is trying to accomplish is “easy” has no clue .  The last month and a half has been very interesting . Part of the month was spent trying to create the first subseed and this has been a unique challenge . In order for any seed to grow correctly, the exact amount of soil, nutrients  and water is needed.   If you have been following the project you know that Ive been working on Polydueces for over a year.  What Polydueces is trying to accomplish is no small task. But what grows out of this project will be seeds that one day sprout into some of the most spectacular human/hybrid creations.  I can promise this…. I will continue working on Polydueces for the rest of my life. I believe in its purpose, direction and creative ability to bind us together as a productive human race.  With that being said. Here is the first of two updates that I’ll be releasing this weekend. Release 2.0 will be MASSIVE> 2022 will be when our first seed spouts for the world to see.

** Updated submission form - Preparing for content bounties, Direct PM’s for each submission.

** Preparing to launch Airdrop on stellar network - Honestly, there's no point in airdropping with out the proper build release.. This project isnt about pumping PLYD so people can making a fast dime. This is about real organic compounding growth. The airdrop will launch after Release 2.0 is done and the community has had a chance to give feedback.. ( The technical part is done for airdrop)

** Awaiting royalty functions on Stellarmint - After 2.0 release not sure royalties will be needed as a part of Polydueces Reflections. This will be discussed in future updates.

** Approved Content provider for Stellarmint - Huge accomplishment with stellarmint. Verified content provider will help pave the wave for future NFT minting (subseeds)

** Mineral Subseeds created. Conceptual mineral NFTs created. More on this in the near future.

** Promotional NFT campaign started - New NFTS are being made to help spread awareness of the project. I will be minting promotional NFTs on other networks . Such as ETH/polygon/wave/etc

** Newsletter Signup here .

** Created new reflection for PLYD market support. Moved all of my 60 i5 desktops over to XMR mining and then converted to XLM which now puts in bids/supports for all current PLYD price action.

As mentioned Release 2.0 will release a massive massive  amount of content, ideas and future direction for the project.

11/6/2021 Release 1.5 - Consistent progress, organic growth and endless ideas keep rolling in. More updates, more changes and more content. Stay tuned folks, its just heating up. Next update will have some exciting news of our first Subseed announcement.

** Youtube channel coming soon - Intro video

**  Discord channels updated - Guidelines set

** New Moderator added -

** Token Page redesigned

** NFT page revamped a bit

11/4/2021 Release 1.41 - Nice and steady captain. Endless coffee, late nights and great ideas keep rolling in. This update has some small but critical pieces to the launch. We have revamped the NFT’s added some nice features right before our final minting process. We also have had some great feedback from the community!

** Reddit is live - Social media page added under about us.

** Twitter is live

** Some minor web updates, fixes in grammar . Added section for bounty descriptions

** Twitter Bounty added

** Take a look at the new NFTs - Sneak preview on Fremon

** Bounty payout's. Check em out

11/1/2021 Release 1.40 -  Lots of exciting releases done in this update.

** Discord Bot installed - XLM bounties through discord

** Bounty updates - added more bounties, paid bounties

** Added moderator list

** Added links for each type of bounty.

** Finalizing some of the NFT’s

** Working with Litemint to fix issue .

10/27/2021 - Release 1.3.0 - Check them engines captain.. We are getting ready for blast off. Lots of exciting news in the works here. Check out our latest update on the roadmap. If you haven't joined our discord. Please do so now. Looking to score some bounties ? Check the updated bounty list. Oh ya while your at it, check out our paid bounty list. Here at Polydueces we believe in transparency. That's why we will post every paid bounty transaction on our website.  Stay tuned folks. Things are just heating up.

10.24.2021 - Release 1.2.12 - Our space engineers are hard at work. This week has been a very busy week. Lots of updates to our webpages. Some new content and best of all, PLYD is available on Lobstr’s DEX exchange. We are planning on getting listed on all of the DEX markets for Stellar. More to come on that. In the meantime visit our updated bounty list here. Also take a look at some of the fresh new content for the 1st planet Fremon. Also, if you would like to add your coin as a supported coin type please join our discord.

10.17.2021 - Release 1.2.11A -  Greetings earthlings.  The team at Polydueces has been working on some major developments this month. We are excited to announce the launch of the Polydueces Token(PLYD). This token is part of the Stellar Network(XLM). We are making HUGE plans for the future of Polydueces using the Stellar Network.

* Updated Roadmap

* Created Stellar Token = PLYD

* Created New sound tracks for planets

* Made updates to webpage

* Created Bounties - Read more about Bounties Here.

* Updated Road map

* Updated discord channels

* Added New coin payment types.

Older News

4.17.21 Vela Sirius is finally alive - After countless hours of creating and editing we are happy to announce the first

launch of The nft collectable's .

4/17/2021 -

Join us on our Slack and Discord channels. Feel free to ask us questions and come join our community !