What makes the Polydueces NFT’s special?

Our first solar system is composed of 18 planets and 34 moons 5 asteroids 2 comets and 1 wormhole. Each one of the planets is numbered and the rarity is based on the number of cards. You can be part of the first solar system by purchasing collectible cards OR getting bounties/rewards by creating content. Each planet and moon is completely unique and rare. The seed cards continue to gain value as additional content is created underneath the original seed cards. Sub seeds are created by those who are wanting to increase the value of their seed cards and help build a universe from the ground up.

As our ecosystem grows so does the value of these Seed Planet cards . This is an exciting new project that gives value and meaning to NFT's.

Why are there Royalties on the NFT’s?

There is a 3.5% royalty on each sale of the NFT, we believe in investing everything BACK into Polydueces so we can grow value in your NFT’s .

Heres how it works.

1% of the Royalty is used to BUY BACK PLYD coins. These coins are then held in a public wallet which will be locked up until 2.0 comes out.

2.5% is used to continue pushing development . This helps grow the value of the NFT. These funds are used to develop more content and tools within the Galactic Ecosystem

How can I purchase Polydueces NFT’s ?

On OpenSea’s or Ebay

Just search Ebay or Opensea’s for Polydueces to see our active listings