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Polydueces is a FIXED SUPPLY TOKEN

MAX SUPPLY : 100,000,000 Tokens

NO MORE tokens to be created.

Breakdown of coin Supply.

50,000,000 will be locked away until the next solar system

10,000,000 will be used in exchange liquidity

10,000,000 used for contest

10,000,000 coins will be used as rewards and bounties

20,000,000 will be held by the team to help develop and expand.

Transparency is KEY ! All addresses of the original coin supply will be available to the PUBLIC. We understand the importance of transparency. We will provide ALL transaction details for EVERY bounty EVERY reward EVERY transaction.

See Block Explorer for PLYD ASSET

Polydueces Block Explorer

What is the PLYD asset code ??


What is the PLYD token ??

It is a token created using the Stellar Blockchain. Stellar link here

What can I do with PLYD token?

You can use them to purchase additional items within the Universe. You can use them to start your own subseed on a seed card. Or use them as rewards to help build content on your own seed NFT. Eventually you will be able to use them to buy/trade/sell our NFT’s . They will also be the native currency within the galaxy .

Receive bounties and rewards in PLYD coins and XLM coins. Other supporteds coins are possible as a bounty reward.

See bounty Rewards

We plan on making each planet interactive, we have HUGE plans for the future.  .  Check our roadmap here

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In the mean time. Join us on discord or slack