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Storyline Bounties

These bounties are rewarded by writing NEW story lines or adding to the existing storylines.

Are you wanting to write your own story for an exciting new world?  Now is your chance to start your own journey . The stars are the limits and no story is to small or big. These storylines are the main sub seeds of the planet cards. They will allow for future development beneath your submitted story line. Who knows where your story might take someone else's imagination . This is part of collective creativity of Polydueces.

Maybe you want to write about the burning hot terrain on Fremon, or the limitless new forms of life found on Cepi? Explore,create and watch your subseed grow into an infinite amount of possibilities.

The only guidelines we have, is that each story must be relevant to the planet or moon.

To submit your storyline.

There are two ways to submit your bounties. Vist the Forums and Bounty Submission section or use “Submit Bounty here” or https://plyd.forumotion.com/