Welcome to the Vela Sirius solar system. This solar system has 18 beautiful rare and unique planets followed by 34 moons a massive asteroid belt and 2 large comets. Each planet has its special attributes and rarity based on its composition and makeup. The moons also have their own rarity and make-up. The vela Sirius system has a goldilocks zone between the planets of Jotgov and Bentex. This system is crawling with unique life and living systems. Some of the most frightening unimaginable places are found within Vela Sirius, but also some of the most beautiful surreal possibilities exist within this system.

Vela Sirius is more about endless possibilities and the completely unknown. The creator uses his imagination and creativity above all to allow for the most mind-bending scenarios. The one thing he loves most about the project is his desire to build these worlds and have others come and explore his works. And then add onto the endless possibilities. He has created the terminology of seed creation. This seed system was designed to allow others to continue building and creating their seeds from the starting seeds. These sub-seeds allow for endless creation and imagination to expand and build infinite possibilities. These sub seeds give every creator a starting ground for their creations. The creator creates the sub seeds with a series of step-by-step processes and a small number of seeds are in place and ready to be used by others to build off of and to create new and more complex seeds. This is how the creator creates and plants the seeds for the world. It is a very simple and fun process. All the creator has to do is code the seed and wait to see what his creations will do. The creator has some interesting seeds for the universes to grow.

What makes Polydueces so unique is the fact that he has this immense passion for the worlds and planets that he has created. Every single planet has a story and a special attribute that make it unique in the universe. All of the planets and moons are very unique and have their beauty. He loves the planet systems that have their own unique moon stories and then subseeds that have been created off those stories. This allows for another beautiful aspect of Polydueces.

Vela Sirius is a unique and beautiful solar system with amazing planets. If you want to go and explore some of the unique worlds within the Vela Sirius solar system you can do so here. There is a whole galaxy just waiting for you to explore. Join the journey. Join Polydueces.  below or submit your content. This is a great place to interact with the creator and the growing community. Here are other ways to contact the creator.