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Yorao is third rock in the Velas Sirius system. Yorao orbits with its two moons, Norako and Cephor. The dark blue skin of the planet holds very low organic life giving the superficial world the look of a strange blue dreamscape. Scattered throughout the land are deep caves which intertwine to create large caverns. This yields the planet inhabitable due to its massive sinkholes. The mountains and spires of the mountain ranges gives the blue continent its name. Yorao's surface is milled with blue dusts which act as deep reflective surfaces. The elements of the sky reflect the blue hue giving the sky a bright appearance that illuminates the blue planet below. The rising and setting of the sun from Yorao is quite frequent, due to its incredibly fast rotations, on average the sun sets and rises sometimes up to 20 times a day making the sky a blur of bright blue colors.  This show of blues and yellows makes for a tear dropping sunset.

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